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Important Notices


For your convenience and understanding, below are listed various penalties and charges for services.


Collection Charge for Non-Sufficient Funds Checks:

$30.00 if processed by the Power District


 Charge per trip for collection for non-payment or for requested service calls:

$60.00 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

$110.00 3:00 pm to 7:30 am


A reconnection fee may be applied when service is being transferred between customers and the former customer asked for disconnection prior to the new customer applying for service. A customer for which a collection trip is made and who does not have a deposit on file will be assessed a deposit based on Operations Policy 11-07.


Late Payment Notices and Notice of Disconnection: To save the cost of multiple mailings the District provides only one notice requesting payment by first class mail. This notice serves both as a gentle reminder that if you have forgotten to pay your monthly bill, to do so AND as the only notice that if payment isn’t received by the date on the notice that disconnection for non-payment will occur. Failure to get a bill or failure to receive this notice does not relieve the customer from responsibility to pay for service in a timely manner.

Late Payment Fee: $10.00