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Regular Board of Directors Meeting

##See Note at Bottom of Page

Tuesday October 27, 2020

4:00 pm – Main Office Location

Northeast Power General Office

1410 West Seventh Street, Wayne, NE


  01. Call to order and roll call.

  02.  Public comment period.  Public comment during this period is for items not on the agenda.

  03.  Consider minutes of the September 22, 2020 regular Board meeting. *

  04.  Consider expense reports for September 2020. *

  05.  Consider September 2020 Financial Statements. *

  06.  Old Business

         A.  Discuss the route of the Ponca area transmission line upgrade.

  07.  New Business:

         A.  Consider Resolution 2020-10-01 to approve the Ponca area transmission route. *

         B.  Consider Resolution 2020-10-02 to purchase capacity from BREC. *

         C.  Presentation and discussion about our Key Ratio Trend Analysis Report.

         D.  Discuss Covid-19 and how it has impacted the District.

         E.   Discussion to clarify qualifications to receive Board contributed Covid-19 relief funds.

         F.   Consider Resolution 2020-10-03 to authorize Management to sell future anticipated Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). *

         G.  2021 preliminary budget discussion.

         H.  Election of Board Secretary. *

         I.    Safety update.

  08.  Executive Session to discuss matters related to power supply, personnel, and legal issues.

         A.  Discussion of General Manager goals.

  09.  Management reports.

         A.  Controller

         B.  Operations

         C.  General Manager

  10.  Board member reports.

  11.  Adjournment. *


The next regular meeting of the Northeast Nebraska PPD Board of Directors is scheduled on Tuesday,

November 17, 2020 at 1:00 pm at the General Office, 1410 West Seventh Street, Wayne, NE

Northeast Board Meetings are conducted in accordance with the State of Nebraska’s Open Meetings Act.  A copy of the entire legislation is available for public inspection in the lobby.

The Board may take final action on any item marked with an asterisk (*)

## The Board of Directors will hold this meeting at 1410 West Seventh Street, Wayne, Nebraska. Copies of this agenda and all materials for the meeting will be available for the public and the media.  The public and media may attend the meeting in the Lobby of the Office. Restroom facilities will not be available for the public. To ensure social distancing, the Directors will be isolated in the training room. The Directors will be visible to each other and the public. The public can participate from the lobby of the office via the intercom system.