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 Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday April 23, 2019

6:30 pm – Board Room

Northeast Power General Office

1410 West Seventh Street

Wayne, NE


                        01.  Call to order and roll call.

                       02.  Review and approve minutes of the March 26, 2019 regular Board meeting.

                       03.  Public comment period.

                       04.  Approve expense reports for March 2019.

                       05.  Approve March 2019 Financial Statements.

                       06.  Old Business


                       08.  New Business

                       07.  A.  Resolution 2019-04-01 to approve the 2018 Financial Audit after presentation by the Board’s financial auditor, Mr. Ron Freeman, with Freeman and Riggs

                              B.  Resolution 2019-04-02 to approve combined Distributed Generation Energy Purchase and Interconnection Agreement

                                C.  Resolution 2019-04-03 to approve modified Mission Statement

                              D.  Discussion of Broadband

                               E.  Discussion of possible Board training opportunities

                               F.  Safety Update


                        09.  Management reports

                              A.  Controller

                              B.  Operations

                              C.  General Manager

                       10.  Board member reports

                       11.  Executive session


                       12.  Adjournment


The next regular meeting of the Northeast Nebraska PPD Board of Directors is scheduled on Tuesday,

May 28, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the General Office, 1410 West Seventh Street, Wayne, NE


Northeast Board Meetings are conducted in accordance with the State of Nebraska’s Open Meetings Act.  A copy of the entire legislation is available for public inspection in the meeting room.