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News from the Northeast Power
August 2004


This newsletter is to keep you informed of how the Board of Directors, Management and Employees of the Northeast Power are working to serve you. We want to continue to make ourselves available for your comments and suggestions. Please let us hear from you by calling 800-750-9277.


Self-read- Self-Billing system works well, but extra communications prevents problems

The Northeast Power has about 6,500 customers who read their own meters and send in a payment based on that reading. The real advantage for our customers is the low cost. The Power District does not need to pay to read the meters, print, stuff and mail bills. Here is how it works:



Everything works well when the customer sends in a timely meter reading and payment. However, when we don’t get a meter reading, we must estimate a monthly usage in order to send out our Late Notice/Disconnect Letter. Also, we don’t know whether the customer intends to pay or not.


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