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News from the Northeast Power
December 2004


This newsletter is to keep you informed of how the Board of Directors, Management and Employees of the Northeast Power are working to serve you. We want to continue to make ourselves available for your comments and suggestions. Please let us hear from you by calling 800-750-9277.


Holiday Office Hours
The General Office in Wayne will be closed on Friday December 24 and Friday December 31 in celebration of the Holidays. Of course, in the event of a power outage we work 365 days a year and will be ready to answer your call and dispatch repair crews should you need us. Whenever there is an outage call 800-750-9277, 24 hours every day of the year.


Dakota County Customers to get New Rate Charts
For the convenience of our ‘self read- self bill’ customers in Dakota County, we will soon mail new rate charts which will reflect the revised sales tax amounts. These charts should be used for payments sent after January 1, 2005. Dakota County residents who reside in Villages and who receive a bill by mail will also pay the revised tax amounts, but we will reflect the amount as part of the bill.


No Electric Rate Increase again for 2005
We are please to remind all of our customers that again this year there will be no increase in the retail price of electricity. We set out two years ago to become more efficient with our work practices. We have had to change, but the payoff is for your benefit. The Board of Directors of Northeast Power hasn’t raised rates since early 2003 when we had to pass along the cost of a wholesale rate increase from NPPD. NPPD is raising the price of wholesale power in 2005 by 2.75%, but we are not passing this cost increase along to retail customers. We have seen the price of poles and wire increase this year due to the demand for materials in Florida. As you know the price of fuel continues to be at an all time high and wage rates increase each year. Even so, we have met our financial goals and have the ability to absorb these costs increases. All employees of the Northeast Power have put forth a good effort this year to get their work done more efficiently.


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