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This newsletter is to keep you informed of how the Board of Directors, Management and Employees of the Northeast Power are working to serve you. We want to continue to make ourselves available for your comments and suggestions. Please let us hear from you by calling 800-750-9277.


Tree Trimming Pays Off….so far

We have had quite a bit of wind recently with surprisingly few outages. Trees and wind are by far the leading cause of outages. Often trees contribute to outages caused by animals like birds and squirrels. The District’s employees spent a considerable amount of time this winter trimming trees. Most of the towns were completed and about one fourth of the rural system. We are striving to establish a cycle that can be maintained to keep trees from becoming a system wide problem. You cooperation and understanding is vital to this effort.


Several System Improvements are Underway

By the time you read this, it is possible that the Substation Transformers in both the Willis (Dakota County) and Pierce (Pierce County) substations will have been upgraded. We plan to rework and update all of the connections and some of the bus work in the Willis Substation to improve reliability. The new Hoskins-Hadar Substation is under construction and will be put into service around July 1. We are installing a new feeder line from the substation to the town of Hoskins. We are also in the process of replacing underground cabling southwest of Randolph which has reached the end of its service life and has caused some problems.


As part of the District’s four-year construction work plan, we will begin construction in late summer of about 1.5 miles of new 3 phase lines north of Jackson to provide better service to the area between Highway 20 and the river. Also, later in the summer we will begin replacing about 3 miles of lines south of Wayne.


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