Our Energy, Our Future - A Dialogue with America


Productive Dialogue begins by asking tough questions and requiring straight answers. A national grassroots campaign to engage consumers/members in a conversation with elected officials about how we meet climate change goals while keeping electricity reliable and affordable.


Join the thousands of American consumers who have already sent numerous letters and emails to elected officials asking about our nation's energy and climate policy.


Start by asking your elected officials these questions to get the dialogue headed in the right direction:


Capacity: Experts say that our nation's growing electricity needs will soon go well beyond what renewables, conservation and efficiency can provide. What is your plan to make sure we have the electricity we'll need in the future?


Technology: Our country faces a crisis as electricity use increases faster than available supply. I believe that by unleashing American ingenuity we can solve this problem. What are you doing to speed the development of new technology which will allow me to have the electric power I need while meeting our national climate policy goals?


Affordability: Balancing electricity needs and environmental goals will be difficult. How much is all this going to increase my electric bill and what will you do to make it affordable?


To learn more and get started, visit the links below...


Website: https://www.ourenergy.coop/

facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/85522?recruiter_id=15112461


Contact your elected officials...