Northeast Power
Critical Peak Pricing


As a reminder, the Options are as follows:                                   

Option A: Text messaging notifications of Critical Peak Pricing

Option B: Scheduled 5-hour daily curtailment to be determined.

Option C: Scheduled 5-hour daily curtailment to be determined in combination with an additional possible 7 hours of daily text message curtailments

Option D: ‘No-Control’


If you have chosen Option A or Option C, you must enroll to receive text message notifications regarding critical peak pricing this season. 

To enroll: send the letters ‘npone’, ‘nptwo’, ‘npthree’ or ‘npfour’ to the number 85700

**Please refer to the “Call/Text” column on the reverse side of this sheet to identify your text group.**

(To stop receiving text messages, text ‘QUIT’ to the number 85700.)


For example: Member #1234-001 Mr. Example selected Option A.  He is listed as Call Group 1 so would text ‘npone’ to the number 85700.  His second pivot #1234-002 selected Option C.  That is Call Group 4, so he would text ‘npfour’ to the number 85700.  This will allow Mr. Example to receive text notifications for each pivot, one under Option A, and one under Option C.


The schedule start date for Option B or C could begin any day after June 1 but will be determined upon District actual load levels so could be much later in the summer.  Northeast will send a text message communicating the schedule start date; this will also be posted on our website @  Once the set schedule has started, it will remain in place every day for the remainder of the season.  If you have chosen Option B, text ‘npfive’ to the number 85700 to receive the official schedule start date message.


Test messages will commence in late May.  It is your responsibility to verify that you are receiving these important notifications on critical peak pricing hours.  If you do not receive a test text message prior to June 1, please follow the instructions above to re-enroll.  You should receive a confirmation message back confirming your enrollment.


Starting June 1, a daily notification will be sent each morning indicating the likelihood (low or high) that critical peak pricing will be called for that day.  On days where load control is necessary, notice will be given approximately one hour in advance of actual critical peak pricing hours commencing.


For further assistance, please call (800) 750 - 9277.